About Us

The McCormick story is not about karate, nor is it about the skills you’ll learn by taking classes there. It’s about the being a part of a family, finding your purpose, being empowered to pursue your goals, and living your best life. The foundational element – and the most important differentiator of the McCormick brand – is the idea that martial arts empowers individuals to succeed in every aspect of their lives by teaching key principles like confidence, character, focus, respect, and determination.

Headquartered in Oxford Pennsylvania, McCormick opened its doors in 1994 and has been training and inspiring students for over 20 years. McCormick instructors provide unparalleled martial arts training in Tang Soo Do, Jiu-Jitsu), self-defense (Haganah), and Kickboxing. We offer classes for every age group (ages 4 & 5 through Adult) delivering personalized, quality instruction in a positive atmosphere– equipping each student to achieve their personal best.